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Helping Workgroups Track Their Time & Expenses

While TimeCache 9.0 is a single-user application, it has a range of features to make it easier for workgroups to track their time and expenses for work on the same projects or matters. Combined with the powerful workgroup tools in PandaWare TimeCache Manager, TimeCache is a complete office-wide time billing tool.

Sharing lists The first challenge in billing a group of workers' time and expenses is making sure they're all tracking the same projects. TimeCache keeps lists of clients, projects and billing categories to make data entry easy and consistent. TimeCache also makes it a snap to import and export those lists. So a group of users can easily share common lists with the same client names, client codes, project names, job numbers and billing categories. You can even import lists of client, project and billing categories from Intuit QuickBooks.

Getting data out Once users have recorded their time and expenses, you want to be able to get it in a form you can use to bill clients. TimeCache has robust reporting capabilities with a wide range of formats. TimeCache 9.0 can export data to text files that can be opened in spreadsheet and database applications. Even better, you can save TimeCache reports in a format that works with The PandaWare Company's TimeCache Manager and TimeCache Manager MR for consolidating multiple users' data, and turning it into reports and invoices.

Users can automatically export data every time they post their daily entries. Likewise, they can automatically import lists periodically to ensure they're in synch. Combined with the powerful tools in TimeCache Manager for facilitating synchronization, it's a winning combination.

Custom solutions If you need additional capabilities or help integrating your office solutions with TimeCache and TimeCache Manager, don't hesitate to contact The PandaWare Company about custom solutions. We're happy to discuss the possibilities with you.