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From Our Users

Great software. Excellent support. That's what our customers tell us. Two important factors that make software from The PandaWare Company a great investment.

"I don't get delighted about much but I was pretty close when I began using TimeCache 9.0 to track my billable hours. The old TC 8 was servicable to be sure but version 9 is even more robust. The consolidated interface together with the iCal and iPhone enhancements demonstrate the TC team's knack for programming to the user that cares about value."
John Horak, Attorney

"What a great product you've built. In the first five weeks of running my own consultancy business, this has become a completely invaluable tool that is now a core product for my businesses timesheet and financial management. Keep at it -- one 'raving fan' customer here!"
Dr. Jason Price, Price Perrott Limited

"TimeCache is the cleanest, most intuitive and practical time capture software package I have used in more than a decade. The interface has a daily log for inputting data; it lets you review by chronological period or by file. Printing bills is straightforward. The monthly overview are simple to call up and easy to understand. This software deserves a large and appreciative customer base. ."
Reid Heller, Attorney

"TimeCache's ability to assign categories with different billing rates and create analysis charts, is huge, huge, huge. TimeCache is, far and away, the main reason I'm effectively managing billings and profitability in my business. The graphic interface is relentlessly minimal, yet creating a time entry is streamlined and simple. The analysis and reports tools are flexible and powerful. PandaWare provides superior support, and TimeCache is the most cost-effective business application on my computer."
Philip Wheelock, Jr. AIA - Wheelock Associates Architects

"By the way....awesome software. Especially for someone who hates timetracking but HAS to do it. You've made our lives a ton easier."
Judy Fushtey, Broken Arrow Design

"TimeCache is a real pleasure to work with. I am an architect and I find I am capturing much more time than I used to, and can have a much more complex billing structure, which is fairer both to me and my clients. TimeCache has that high level of user ease that I always hope for from the Mac!"
Joseph Henry Putnam, Putnam & Associates Architects

"I have over twenty different clients, with a variety of different projects and actions and without TimeCache I would be buried in a mountain of papers with miscellaneous client, project, start and stop times all about my desk. The new invoice file feature is a great way to create and track which invoices and been paid and which ones are still outstanding."
Robert Morrow , Owner, Tomorrow's Designs