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TimeCache Reports

TimeCache 9.0 lets you quickly and easily produce sophisticated reports you can use to get an overview of how you're doing, to share with your colleagues, or to document work you've done and expenses you've incurred for clients.

TimeCache lets you create reports on any single project or matter, or that cover any combination of projects you're tracking. You can produce reports for any time period you've tracked.

You can also create reports that show data from a single day or any range of dates, or that breaks it down by billing category.

TimeCache lets you customize reports to include the type of information you want to show, so you can use one layout for clients and another layout for colleagues. It's easy to customize layouts to give each your own unique appearance.

You can print your reports, or export then as text files for use in other applications like our own TimeCache Manager to combine several users' data into a single report.

TimeCache 9.0 also offers a built-in invoice mechanism to quickly create invoices for a single project or several projects for the same client.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.