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Job Sheets

TimeCache 9.0's Job Sheet section is where data is stored for each project (matter) you track.

There's a separate Job Sheet for each project you track. The list of entries includes all the information you entered on the Daily Log, all grouped together for that particular project. You can also see more details about the project — e.g. a job number and optional client code, estimate amount, a user-defined custom field — by sliding down the list.

Job Sheets allow you to quickly check on billings and estimate similar projects. You can export the Job Sheet data to a different application or print a report directly from the Job Sheet.

You can also create reports that show data from as many of your projects as you want to include.

Most importantly, you can use TimeCache to quickly and easily create invoices for a single project or several projects for the same client.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.