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Installing TimeCache from the download

It's easy to install TimeCache. Just download the correct file, expand it, and copy it to your Applications folder.

Choosing the correct download

You start by downloading the correct file your your Mac on our Downloads page. In most cases, you'll want to download the file designated for Intel Macs. That's the predominant type of Mac Apple has sold for the last several years.

If you have an older Mac such as a G5 or G4 that's powered by a PowerPC chip, you'll want to download the version designated for PPC Macs.

Using your downloaded copy of TimeCache

The file you download will be named either "", or "", and in both cases it is a compressed copy of TimeCache. To install TimeCache on your Mac, double-click this file in the Finder. After a few seconds you'll see the application icon for TimeCache 9.0 alongside that ZIP file. Just move that file into your Applications folder and double-click it to launch TimeCache and begin using it. If you have not looked at the Tutorial yet, be sure to do that when you're prompted to.