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iCal Support

You can synchronize your TimeCache data file with your Mac's iCal calendar to either bring entries in from iCal, or view your activity in iCal for a graphic representation of each day.

Coming from iCal

When you enter time spent on billable projects in iCal in a format that TimeCache understands, it can then import that from iCal. It works just as well with entries added to the Calendar app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that you've synched with iCal on your Mac. This makes it easy to keep track of your time away from your Mac. TimeCache 9.0 offers new features to make it even easier to record your time in Calendar or iCal.

TimeCache's iCal entry selection window

Going to iCal

It's even easier to save your TimeCache entries as iCal events so that you can visualize your day's activity in iCal. Just set one checkbox in TimeCache Preferences, and everytime you post your daily entries, they'll also be saved as iCal events. If you want to save information for different clients to different iCal calendars, you can even set that up.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.