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How to: Pre-fill the Daily Log

If you work on a recurring set of projects from day to day, you can take advantage of a very handy feature in the Daily Log. TimeCache's Default Sets feature lets you pre-populate the Daily Log with the projects you work on so all you have to do is enter your time or use the timer for any entry.

To use default sets:

Step 1: Add entries with projects and billing categories to the Daily Log. Don't bother filling in any time entries. An alternative to this step is to skip to Step 2 at the end of a day that you suspect will lead to a similar workload the next day.

Default set menus

Step 2: Choose Daily Log>Default Set>Save current to save the current entries in the Daily Log for instant entry in the future.

Step 3: When you want to enter your default set to start a fresh day, choose Daily Log>Default Set>Load saved set. This adds the entries you saved in Step 2 to the Daily Log, overwriting any other entries already there. So be sure you're starting with an empty Daily Log, or that you don't mind losing anything already entered there.

Another shortcut
Say you need to add an expense entry for a project you've already got a time entry for in the Daily Log. Or you've entered your time for a meeting, and now you need to enter time for whatever action you're going to take to follow up on the meeting (e.g. research, design, courtroom time, etc.). You can copy the first entry and paste it into the Daily Log to create an identical entry with no time value. Then change the biling category column and take it from there.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.