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PandaWare TimeCache 9.0 Features

TimeCache 9.0 offers a wide range of features to make tracking and billing for your time and expenses easier and more efficient. You'll also find plenty of ways to customize TimeCache to work the way you do.

PandaWare TimeCache Daily Log windowIt starts with data entry. You enter time and expenses in a Daily Log that's like an electronic timesheet. It gives you many options, from entering everything manually to letting TimeCache time you as you work.

You can use the default terminology TimeCache ships with from the bit factory, or substitute your own terms to use just about anywhere in the application. There are four different formats available for entering time. And on and on.

Shortcuts galore. Whether you're a mouse person or a keyboard person, TimeCache offers shortcuts for many of its most common functions. Auto-fill, popup lists and an optional quick-fill feature in the Daily Log make it easy to add new entries. With all the different ways there are to start and stop timing entries, there are sure are to be a couple that'll be perfect for you. If you work on a retainer basis with any of your clients, TimeCache offers powerful, but easy-to-use, tools for handling them.

Track your remote work. TimeCache extends beyond the office. You can log time on your iPhone or other Apple mobile device and bring it into TimeCache via iCal. TimeCache also lets you exchange data with Mac OS X's Address Book application — you can bring client contact information in from Address Book or import clients from Address Book to TimeCache. TimeCache 9.0 offers improved integration with both these Mac OS X applications.

Report preview windowTimeCache 9.0 offers many options for reports. There are several different types of reports available, and there are many options for customizing reports to your precise needs. You can use any PDF file as a report background, making it easy to incorporate your organization's identity. You can also export report data for use in other applications. New QuickReports make generating a common report format a snap.

TimeCache also offers analysis charts that help you compare your time for different billing categories, different projects or different clients. Turn data into pie charts and bar charts that graphically display earnings and productivity. You can break it down by date ranges, and include the types of entries that give you the best possible idea of how you're spending your time.

Analysis chart

TimeCache 9.0's powerful invoicing feature lets you quickly create invoices. You can add adjustments and record payments to keep a running list of payables. New invoice payment reports show you a breakdown of who has paid how much for what. You can use customizable color coding to see at a glance any problems with aging payments. The QuickInvoice feature lets you generate invoices almost instantly.

Capture every detail. Don't you hate it when a client asks what took so long to do such-and-such? Especially when your invoice was prepared a month or more — and a billion other issues dealt with — after the fact? TimeCache makes it simple to keep track of all the details of everything you do on an assignment — which can be very useful for more than just satisfying demanding clients. Detail tracking gives you the option to record and selectively display as much information as you like. Learn more.

Activity tracking windowNeed even more detail? TimeCache lets you track all your computer activity — saving a record of which applications and windows were active, exactly when. It's a great way to double-check your productivity, and figure out what's distracting you from getting your work done!

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.