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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TimeCache 9.0 run in Microsoft Windows?
No. TimeCache is a Macintosh-only application.

Does TimeCache 9.0 work with multiple users?
Yes. TimeCache is a single-user application, but it has a range of features to allow workgroups to track their time on the same projects. Learn more about TimeCache 9.0's workgroup support on a page dedicated to that subject.

What's new in TimeCache 9.0?

  • TimeCache 9.0 offers a tabbed interface that lets you keep its most important components organized together in one window, yet also gives you the option to rearrange items in multiple windows.
  • Improved support for importing time entries from Apple i-Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).
  • Improved support for invoice payments, including split payments for multi-project (matter) invoices, and payment reports.
  • Plus lots more!

What's the difference between the trial copy of TimeCache that I downloaded and the full version?
When you register your copy of TimeCache with The PandaWare Company, you receive a registration key that allows unlimited use for one person. It eliminates the 20-day limit on saving data, and restrictions on creating invoices and tracking computer activity. Otherwise, an unregistered copy is exactly the same as a registered one So you can try out everything to your heart's content before purchasing a license.

How much does TimeCache cost?
The registration fee is $70.00 per user. If more than one person is going to be using TimeCache, please pay a separate registration fee for each person.

How do I get a license for TimeCache 9.0?
You can register by credit card or PayPal account on the web. Go to our Purchase page for details.

Can TimeCache 9.0 watch me as I work and automatically start timing a project when I open certain documents or applications on my Mac?
Yes. There are two separate mechanisms for this. TimeCache offers user activity logging, so you can easily see what applications and windows were active at any point in the day. TimeCache also offers the ability set launchers: applications, documents or folders full of files to launch when you being timing your work on a project or matter. Each project can have a different launcher.

Can I use TimeCache to create invoices for billing my clients?
Absolutely! TimeCache 9.0 has a great invoice function that lets you create invoices, add adjustments and payments, and check on aging at a glance. TimeCache 9.0 lets you customize invoice layouts extensively so they reflect your business. It also offers improved support for tracking invoice payments.

Can TimeCache produce reports on my billable activity?
Yes. TimeCache has a wide range of built-in report types that should be able to take care of just about any need. You can view activity in date view, date range, project, multi-project, summary and multi-project summary, client and client summary, and billing category reports. What you choose to include in reports, and how you lay them out, are extremely customizable.

You can also export TimeCache data in a tab-delimited format that can be opened in spreadsheet, database or even word processing applications where you can customize it to your heart's content, or merge it with data from other applications. Finally, there is an option to create charts that let you quickly see visually where you're spending your time and where your billings are coming from.

Once I've posted entries to Job Sheets, can I change them?
Yes. You can change just about anything on a Job Sheet by Option-clicking the item you want to change. There are also a number of ways to change the information that TimeCache keeps about the projects themselves. It's all explained in depth in the online help.