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Entering Daily Log data

TimeCache 9.0 makes it quick and easy to enter data in the Daily Log. After you create the listings for clients, projects (matters), billing categories and note shortcuts, let the power of the Daily Log take over. There are several shortcuts for entering data in TimeCache.

You can instantly enter a client and project name by choosing it from the popup menu in the Daily Log toolbar's QuickEnter button.

You can also enter listings by pulling them from a popup list one field at a time. Every column of the Daily Log that uses lists has popup menus with the listings for quick data entry.

If you prefer keeping your hands on the keyboard, you can type entries yourself. TimeCache automatically completes your typing for you, making it incredibly quick to enter a listing. You can use the same method to speed up data entry for anything in any of your lists.

When you're entering data by typing, the Daily Log's Quick-Fill feature makes it easy to add entries from long lists. It displays all the possibilities in a popup window, where you can use your keyboard or mouse to select the correct item.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.