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Capture Every Detail

TimeCache 9.0 lets you store details in association with every time or expense entry you record. You can choose to add any number of the details you record for an entry to its descriptive note, copy them to the clipboard, or save them to a file for use in another application.

TimeCach Details list window

Here are a few ways you might use the Details feature:

  • Share with a group. If you work on group projects, you probably need to document changes to update others in the group. Record your changes as TimeCache Details as you go. Then when it's time to check in your work, copy your Details entries to the clipboard and paste them into a progress document (or as notes in a version control system), or save them to a separate file that you turn in with your work.
  • Refine your estimates. TimeCache notes help you produce accurate estimates when you're basing a bid on one or more similar projects you've already completed. You can be even more accurate with TimeCache Details. When you can look back at every step involved in producing a piece of work, you can more precisely guage the amount of work it'll take to do it again.
  • Descriptive notes. It's usually easier to jot down what you did right after you did it than after the fact. Use TimeCache Details to record every step of your work. Then you can add one or more entries directly to a descriptive note with the click of a mouse, or write a new note based on what you actually accomplished.
  • Keep a "paper trail". You never know when a client is going to ask exactly what they're paying you for. Be prepared. Track every step of your work with TimeCache Details. Then producing a convincing report is just a couple of mouse-clicks away if the client ever asks.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.