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Daily Log

TimeCache 9.0's Daily Log panel is where you enter your time and expenses each day. Think of it as the on-screen equivalent of a paper timesheet. Instead of turning it into your accounting department at the end of the day, you "post" the Daily Log's entries to Job Sheets for long-term storage.

Each Daily Log entry includes the name of the Client and Project (Matter), a Billing Category and descriptive note. There's either a Time or Expense entry and appropriate charges associated with each line. For time entries, you can keep track of your start and stop times, or total time, whether you enter it yourself or let TimeCache time you as you work. You can also keep as many discreet details as you'd like about each entry.

TimeCache gives you several options for entering data, so you can work in the manner that is most comfortable for you. It's easy, intuitive and flexible.

Download a free trial copy of TimeCache 9.0 and see for yourself.