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Multiple billing rates for multiple situations

If your organization needs to charge different billing rates for time and expense categories depending on who did the work and/or who they did the work for, TimeCache Manager MR is for you.

TimeCache Manager MR offers all the capabilities of TimeCache Manager for consolidating and synchronizing TimeCache user data to make workgroup billing painless. But it also lets you assign billing rates that can vary depending on who did the work (or incurred the expense) and the client for whom it was done.

In other words, you can use TimeCache Manager MR in conjunction with a copy of PandaWare TimeCache for each employee to create an efficient time billing system that accommodates charging variations based on different relationships with clients and different levels of experience of your staff.

How it works

You set up TimeCache Manager MR with the usual listings for Clients, Projects and Billing Categories, and one listing for each timekeeper corresponding to each TimeCache user. Then set billing rates based on the client, billing category, and timekeeper. When you import data from TimeCache users who use these billing categories, TimeCache Manager MR calculates the correct charges based on your billing rate `settings.

See for yourself.

Download a free trial version of TimeCache Manager MR and use it for free for 30 days with as many TimeCache users as you'd like. Create all the reports and invoices you want.