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TimeCache Manager

TimeCache Manager gives you the tools to handle an office full of TimeCache 9.0 users. It lets you easily keep everybody in synch and stay on top of your workgroup's billable time and expenses.

Bring it all together

TimeCache Manager lets you bring together all the billing information from any number of TimeCache users to create reports, graphs and invoices that let you quickly assess your group's profitability and bill clients. TimeCache Manager 1.1 introduces more powerful tools for assuring the flow of correct billing information to and from TimeCache users.

A seamless workflow

Along with the workgroup tools in TimeCache 9.0, TimeCache Manager makes working with any number of users seamless. If they're already using TimeCache to record billable time and expenses, there's nothing new to learn. Just change a couple of Preferences settings and they're ready to plug into the TimeCache Manager workflow. If they're new to TimeCache, they can master everything they need to learn in minutes.

TimeCache Manager automatically imports workgroup members' time and expense data into its database. Then you can manipulate it as needed, create reports and invoices, even export it to MYOB AccountEdge or QuickBooks for Windows, or into other applications that import text files.

More power to you

TimeCache Manager gives you a robust set of tools for implementing time and expense billing for a group with the least amount of hassle. Just set it up and watch the information accumulate.

TimeCache Manager is an invaluable tool for organizations that need to a workgroup's time and expenses.

Try it for yourself. Download TimeCache Manager and use it free for up to 30 days. If you like it, register your copy by purchasing a registration key for your organization. When you register your copy, we'll send you a registration key that lets you unlock TimeCache Manager to use with unlimited timeeepers for unlimited time.

We're continually improving TimeCache Manager. Here's what's new in version 1.1.4:

  • Improved timekeeper reports.
  • More report and invoice formatting options.
  • Improved data display.
  • More control over TimeCache user data integrity.
  • Easier editing of data entries.
  • Better support for retainer billing.
  • Analysis charts display performance at a glance.


Check out new TimeCache Manager MR. It give you all the power of TimeCache Manager, along with multiple rates for any billing category — based on the client and the timekeeper.