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TimeCache Manager Features

TimeCache Manager is designed to easily handle the workflow you'll typically face in tracking a workgroup's time and expenses with PandaWare TimeCache. It offers a number of features to give you powerful options.

Import or create lists: TimeCache users need lists of clients, projects and billing categories with which to track their time and expenses. Providing all your users with a common set of lists keeps your data consistent. And TimeCache Manager makes it easy. You can import lists from text files. If you have already created lists in Intuit Quickbooks or MYOB AccountEdge, you can import them from either of those applications. TimeCache Manager also supports importing clients from OS X's Address Book. And of course, it's easy to create your own new listings in TimeCache Manager.

Export lists: A second important step to making sure everybody's using the same lists is making listings available to TimeCache users. All it takes is a mouse-click to export lists from TimeCache Manager to a file server or shared volume where everyone else can import them as needed. Obscure billing rates from TimeCache users with a new list export option. New "Admin tools" When used together with TimeCache 9.0, you can prevent users from making changes to imported listings, obscure billing rates, and control other elements to ensure data integrity.

Import data: TimeCache Manager lets you consolidate data from all your TimeCache users into a single database file. Import data whenever you want with the click of the mouse, or with a simple Preference setting, when you launch TimeCache Manager.

Review data: TimeCache Manager's Data View window lets you review everything in its database so that you can make any adjustments before invoicing clients or turning in reports. It's also a great way to get a quick picture of who's doing what.

Create reports: TimeCache Manager lets you create a broad range of reports for internal or client accountability. See how things are going on a single project, overall for any range of dates, or for any client. Customize their appearance as needed. You can also produce analysis charts that let you quickly see a "picture" of your billings by client, project, timekeeper or other variables.

Create invoices: Bill clients for your entire workgroup's time directly from TimeCache Manager. A wide assortment of options let you customize the content and appearance of invoices.

Export data: TimeCache Manager makes it quick and easy to get the consolidated TimeCache user data in its database to accounting programs and other applications. You can export data:

  • To text files for use in spreadsheets, database applications and some accounting programs
  • For import into Intuit Quickbooks for Windows
  • For import into MYOB AccountEdge

Track retainers: TimeCache Manager makes it easy to work with retainer biling arrangements with clients or any agreements for working to a set fee. You can easily enter retainer billings and track time applied to them.