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Convert styled text to HTML in your Real Studio applications.

Plus, a drop-in solution for creating HTML emails.

Now at version 2.0.6

Looking for a way to turn styled text from a REAL Studio/REALbasic TextArea or styled EditField into HTML? Here's a set of classes that handles it for you. It makes producing HTML and HTML emails extremely simple. The PWStyleHTMLField class:

  • Converts styled text from a styled EditField or TextArea to HTML
  • Has built-in support for producing HTML emails
  • Offers support for embedded images in HTML email messages
  • Offers extensive support for links
  • Lets you add custom HTML to support images and other styling and entities that can't be displayed in a TextArea/Editfield
  • Supports paragraph alignment
  • Offers built-in Undo
  • Is compatible with REALbasic 2009R2.1 (and possibly earlier) to the latest version of Real Studio
  • Costs only $50.00 USD to license the encrypted classes for use in your applications

New in Version 2.0.6 PWStyleHTMLField 2..0.6 produces more concise HTML than in previous versions, and cleaner image references in email messages with embedded images, along with a few other enhancements. It builds on previous improvements that allow developers more options for customizing HTML output, and makes it easier to set those options. View a complete Version History

Free demo Download a free demo application to see PWStyleHTMLField in action. You can also download the complete documentation. (Documentation is included in the demo project which you can request below.)


Demo project

PWStyleHTMLField is distributed as a set of encrypted classes. To request a limited-use demo project, fill out and submit this form.

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Purchase a license

Licenses for PWStyleHTMLField are avaliable for $50.00 USD. When you purchase a license, we'll send you the encrypted classes, with the usage limitation removed. You can purchase a license for PWStyleHTMLField here.